Personal Storage

Storage Express self storage spaces are designed to cater to all storage requirements. With over 15 different sized units we have small units for securely storing a few boxes of personal items to large units to store a fully furnished 4 bedroom home or a car and extra large units for relocating larger properties.

Small Storage Units

Looking for a small space to store a few boxes of personal items, a couple of pieces of furniture? Our extra small and small storage spaces are ideal for storing boxes and / or a few furniture items.  Our small units start from about 6 cubic meters ideal for 2 to 3 dozen boxes or 1 to 2 small furniture items. Actual unit dimensions will vary at each location.

Medium Storage Units

A medium sized storage space will take the contents of a typical 2 bedroom home / apartment or is an ideal space if you are selling your home (for example a standard 4 bedroom home)  and require space to de-clutter. Medium units are approximately 3x3m. Actual unit dimensions will vary at each location.

Large Storage Units

A large storage space will hold the contents of a standard 3 to 4 bedroom home, vehicle, small boat or trailer and are ideal for tradesman / business tools and equipment. Large spaces will typically be classified as a ‘single garage’ approx. 3m x 6m unit to hold a 4 bedroom home or ‘3/4 single garage’ 3m x 4.5m to hold a 3 bedroom home.

Extra Large Storage Units

Storage Express has extra large units to cater to storage for larger properties, storage of a vehicle with furniture and for business storage. Larger storage units range from 7.3m in length through to 8m and 9m. Actual unit dimensions will vary at each location, we recommend you contact your preferred location to discuss extra large spaces.