Our Storage Units

Small Storage Units (From $90 p/m)

Storage isn’t always about storing an entire four bedroom home worth of furniture and possessions. You may wish to store just a couple of boxes, or a few items of furniture to de-clutter. We provide small storage units as well as large storage units. SMALL UNITS start from $87 per month at 1.2m x 2m x 2.7m, ideal for 2 to 3 dozen boxes or 1 to 2 small furniture items. An even smaller alternative is a LOCKER, a compact 1m x 1m x 1m storage box at just $50 per month, perfect for archive records, hiding Christmas presents, or for valuables when you go on holidays.

Medium Storage Units (From $200 p/m)

We classify medium sized storage units as storage for 2 bedroom home / apartment or slightly more; half a standard home going into storage; space for de-cluttering when listing a home for sale; space for tradesman / business tools and equipment. Our most popular MEDIUM UNIT is 3x3m but we have many other sizes we classify as medium.

Large Storage Units (From $325 p/m)

We classify large storage units as storage for 3 to 4 bedroom home; standard sedan vehicle, small boat or trailer storage, or a space required for tradesman / business tools and equipment. Our most popular LARGE UNIT is 3x6m, a standard single garage size but we have sizes under and over this in our LARGE UNIT range.

Extra Large Storage Units (From $366 p/m)

For extra large spaces we have 3×7.3m (55m³) and 3×9.5m (75m³) storage units at our MOSS VALE location and two 9.4×4.4m (100m³) storage units at our MITTAGONG location. You will need to enquire and book in early to secure one of these popular units as they are usually booked out!

To discuss your individual storage requirements contact our MOSS VALE office on (02) 4869 5566